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The Daring Collective is home to some of the most unusual companies on the planet that are creating products, services, and experiences that directly address some of the biggest problems of our time.

Featured Companies

Icon is reimagining housing with advanced robotics that can 3D print a home in 24 hours.


EIC is restoring the American Dream by removing the risks inherent in higher education.

Better Place Forests is North America’s first sustainable forest for cremation burials.

Cabin is a moving hotel that transports you to your favorite places while you sleep.

Roster is improving care for chronically ill patients through community engagement.

Edugate is the world’s first career matchmaking platform for high school students.

The Flip Side is creating a new type of media platform to restore American civility.

Zinsur is a helping enable Americans to afford the rising cost of healthcare.

Craftwork is creating a new community space at the intersection of home and work.