Education Insurance Corporation

Restoring the American Dream for all Americans

By Wade Eyerly

A daring mission to save higher education
The Problem

The student loan crisis is having a multi-generational impact on millions of American families. It doesn't have to be this way.


College is part of the American Dream. It shouldn’t be part of a financial nightmare for families.

$1.5 trillion

dollars in American student debt now outpaces credit cards for the most common debt. — Federal Reserve


of graduates report being unemployed or underemployed for years after graduation.

8 million

people defaulted on student loans in 2016.

Income mobility in the US, the hallmark of the American Dream, has never been lower.

Students across the country are more worried than ever that their investment in the pursuit of higher education will pay off. The student loan crisis is having a multi-generational impact on millions of American families.

When we were young we were taught that if we worked hard, got good grades, get into a good school and graduate, we can find that well-paying job that puts us on a path to dramatically improve our life and economic standing. But in today’s rapidly changing world, the investment in the pursuit of higher education has become less certain than ever before.

While 50% of students fail to graduate, most are carrying their student loans forward, leading to a staggering $1.5 Trillion in student loan debt.

A Radical New Solution

What if we could restore the American Dream by removing the crippling financial risks inherent in seeking higher education?


EIC is on a mission to fight the student loan crisis and place graduates on a path for greater economic success to ensure the American Dream is achievable. We’re creating a new insurance product that guarantees university students make more income after graduation — fostering more applicants, greater retention, and more happy graduates.

It’s our hope that through our work at EIC, we can help pave a path for many students across the country to pursue their own American Dreams.

To solve the problem, it starts with reducing the inherent risk in pursuing higher education in the first place. Students worry that their investment in education will pay off. To fix that we need to attract more, stronger applicants by guaranteeing that the investment of time and money will truly pay off. Secondly, we need to leverage economic alignment to motivate and push more students to graduate. American Dream Insurance is EIC’s flagship new solution that helps guarantee higher economic mobility for graduates.


American Dream Insurance guarantees the investment you are making in college education will pay off.

American Dream Insurance covers the difference between what we expect a student could earn in the marketplace today and what they will likely be able to earn with a degree.

Here’s how it works:


Pay a small percentage of the loan amount to guarantee increased earnings from the pre-degree income level


Finish your degree program for which you are taking your loans

Tax return

Submit your tax returns to prove your income. At the end of 5 covered years, a claim will automatically be processed

If you do not earn the income specified in the insurance policy, you’ll be paid the difference of the guaranteed income amount and the actual income.

EIC is also working with colleges and universities to guarantee better economic futures for graduates nationwide.

Their call to action: join millions of people nationwide in an effort to solve the student loan crisis. Become a part of a massive growing movement of students, educators, administrators and families who are joining our mission to help solve the student debt crisis and pave a path for better economic futures for graduates across the country.

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