We're on a mission
to remake the world.

Daring is a collective of entrepreneurs launching companies to solve some of the biggest problems of our time.

Better Place, a Daring Collective company

The Daring Collective exists to catalyze the creation of ideas and companies that are advancing human flourishing.

No photo apps, social platforms, or shopping sites — these are ventures that are remaking the world by solving problems that threaten to erode the fabric of our society — restoring civil discourse, addressing the rise of addictions, providing new models for education, and inventing better ways to travel, live, and work.

Icon, a Daring Collective company
Cabin, a Daring Collective company

From New York to LA and San Francisco to Austin, the Daring community converges from around the country to bring ideas, people, and resources together in order to launch the next generation of world-changing companies.

Who We Are

The Collective is an assembly of experts from a wide array of industries including real estate, healthcare, education, and finance.

Jason Ballard, a member of the Daring Collective
Better Place Forests, a Daring Collective company
Wade Eyerly, a member of the Daring Collective
Daring Collective

Our network draws together leading authors, speakers, founders, designers, academics, and investors.

What We Do

The Collective is a membership network that provides programming, connections, and events that propel ideas and companies forward.


EIC is restoring the American Dream by removing the risks inherent in higher education.

Better Place Forests is North America’s first sustainable forest for cremation burials.

Cabin is a moving hotel that transports you to your favorite places while you sleep.

Icon is reimagining housing with advanced robotics that can 3D print a home in 24 hours.